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Boutique luxury, healthy cuisine, and unique attractions in a rainforest wetland setting

Moksha (Sanskrit) – freedom, liberation, release



True to the moniker Moksha, our luxurious boutique hotel nestled in 5 acres of private woodlands offer you a quiet and peaceful liberation from the incessant stresses of urban life. We understand the positive impact nature has on one’s health and wellbeing and have a carefully curated space where one can rest and recuperate, embraced by the gentle arms of mother nature. 

Let Moksha be your safe haven, your own personal cocoon - a place where nature meets luxury - where the air is always cool and fresh, where the trees stand tall. A place where you are greeted by the dawn chorus of endemic birds in the morning and lulled to sleep by gurgling streams at night. 


From the moment you step on to our premises, your experience at Moksha is guaranteed to be personal and unique. You will be welcomed with a refreshing drink of “thelijja” a sweet juice extracted from a Kitul palm (right in front of you!)

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