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The Adventure Capital of Sri Lanka

Acknowledged as the ‘adventure capital of Sri Lanka’, Kitulgala is a quaint little village in the Sabaragamuwa Province, located 95 km  away from the hustle and bustle of Colombo. Situated in the wet zone of Sri Lanka and nourished by the neighbouring ‘Kelani ganga’ (Sri Lanka’s 4th largest river), the natural landscape in Kitulgala consists of  verdant vegetation, hilly mountains and tendrils of freshwater streams that keeps the air in Kitulgala cool and fresh.

The name ‘Kitulgala’ derived from the word ‘Kitul’, referring to the native Caryota palm, is appropriate for the area as it is littered with these solitary palms that have a plethora of uses. From ‘toddy-tapping’ to produce alcoholic beverages, to producing sweet treacles and jaggery, to even being used in basket and furniture weaving; the Kitul palm is a versatile plant species that is revered and cultivated by locals. 


Kitulgala experiences a tropical rainforest climate year-round, with two monsoon seasons that causes the water levels in the Kelani river to rise - producing ideal conditions for adventurous water sports such as white water rafting and waterfall abseiling, which are prominent activities in the area. 

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