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Hotel policies


See below for a full list of our policies, designed with a wide variety of customer requirements, as well as safety and ethical concerns in mind. 

Terms and conditions of Moksha@Kitulgala are carefully crafted keeping in mind the wellness of all our exclusive guests. Respecting and caring for each other & nature is an integral part of Moksha.

Payment terms:

  • 50% of the package shall be paid with the reservation as a guarantee, 25% on check-in, and balance on check-out.

  • During the peak season (1st December to 30th April, and 1st June to 30th August), the advance payment shall be non-refundable if you cancel your booking with less than 14 days’ notice.

  • Of course, we are flexible if your cancellation/delay is due to a Government-imposed travel restriction. If that happens, please contact our reservations team who can help you to rearrange or cancel your stay.


Check-in and Check-out times:

Check-in time is from 1 PM onwards.

Check-out time is 11 AM or before.



Moksha@Kitugla is a family-friendly hotel. All children under 12 years stay free at Moksha. All children over 12 years will be charged the adult rate.


Special requests:

When you make a booking, please inform us of any special dietary requirements/restrictions/allergies/preferences. We strive to provide you with healthy meals that cater to your needs, and the more information & notice we have about this, the better we can cater to your needs.


Internet Access:

WiFi is available in every room and common space free of charge.


Use of personal electronic devices:

Complying with local and international standards, we discourage the use of any power adapter other than 3-pin, 13 amperes power adapters. However, if you do have such a device, please ask the Front Desk and we can get you the appropriate power adapter.


All indoor spaces and every room are smoke-free:

Smoking indoors is strictly prohibited; a fine of $150 will apply if violated. Smoking on the balcony with the doors closed or in allocated outdoor areas is allowed. Please dispose of your cigarettes appropriately, keeping the environment in mind. Ask any of our team for an ash-tray if you require one.



Millions of gallons of water and electricity get used every day to wash towels that are used once. To conserve water, please follow the following guidelines. Towels on the floor = please wash and replace. Towels hung up = please leave to reuse.


Use of the beautiful natural pool on Liyan Oya bordering our property

The natural pool with crystal clear water is safe for everyone to enjoy. However, you should take precautions, just like in any other interaction with nature. We highly recommend the usage of a floatation device for small children and anyone who cannot swim. Please ask any of our staff members for assistance.

  • Please do not go out to the natural pool soon after any rainwater level can rise and can be muddy. After any rain stops, the water level does go down and become crystal clear within about an hour or two – so use the pool inside our property if you really need to take a dip in that time frame.

  • It is the rocks that are in abundance on Liyan Oya that regulate the water flow and help drain any mud to keep the water of the natural pool crystal clear. However, some of the rocks can be slippery. Please take extreme caution in climbing any of the rocks.

  • Consumption of alcoholic drinks at the natural pool is highly discouraged. Liyan Oya borders our property along its longest border and it is for you to enjoy the beauty of it. But it still belongs to nature and the community.

                    ♦ The natural pool is teeming with exotic fish (don’t worry, all safe to humans) including the endangered “Asoka Pethiya” (endemic to this area).

                    ♦ Use of soap/shampoo etc. in the natural pool is not allowed for that reason.

                    ♦ You will see members of our community coming to take a dip in the natural pool occasionally. Please treat them with respect.

  • Please do not leave anything other than your footprints after you enjoy Liyan Oya – bring back anything else and deposit them in one of our garbage bins for us to dispose of properly.

  • Please let any of our team members know before you explore Liyan Oya and follow their instructions at all times.

  • Access to Liyan Oya is available from 9 AM to 6 PM.


Use of the pool inside our property

In addition to the natural pool, we have a beautifully crafted pool inside our property.

  • The depth of the pool is 4 feet all around so it is safe for everyone. Still for small children, we highly recommend wearing a floatation device. Please ask any of our staff members for assistance.

  • Pool towels are available – please ask any of our staff members.

  • Please use our dedicated pool changing rooms and showers before getting into the pool.

  • Please ask any of our staff members to get the jacuzzi inside the pool started.

  • Diving into the pool is not allowed.

  • The pool is open from 7 AM to 8 PM.


Noise levels

Please keep the noise levels down to a minimum and enjoy the sounds of nature.

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