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Experience undisturbed nature amidst creature comforts


Moksha is home to nature’s wonders if you look close enough – From Crested Serpent Eagles, Brahminy Kites and Crested Hawk Eagles scouting their day’s prey from the skies to Asian Giant Squirrels feeding their young with Jack Fruit growing around the property. From a host of endemic fish including the critically endangered Asoka Barbs that make our neighbouring “Liyan Oya” rivulet their home, to a host of rare trees such as the Ebony, Nedun, Kitul and Hora trees that make up our property, we are a delight for all nature lovers.

This rivulet is home to schools of fish, including critically endangered species ‘Asoka Pethiya’ (Asoka barb) and a gift to us from nature - so we respectfully ask you to treat it with care, to not pollute it with litter and to avoid using any soaps/detergents (which are toxic to aquatic life) when visiting it.


The land itself is populated by a myriad of native plant species, with ancient trees towering to form an emerald canopy above - you can often hear a sweet choir of birds or inquisitive hoots from owls drifting down from their branches. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of our resident ‘dandu lena’ (giant squirrel) dining on our fruit trees and going about their daily business!

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