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Boutique luxury, healthy cuisine, and unique attractions in a rainforest wetland setting


Experience untapped nature at Moksha

True to the moniker Moksha, our luxurious boutique hotel nestled in 5 acres of private woodlands offers you a quiet and peaceful liberation from the incessant stresses of urban life.


We understand the positive impact nature has on one’s health and wellbeing and have a carefully curated space where one can rest and recuperate, embraced by the gentle arms of mother nature. 


Sustainable architecture, design that blends into the surrounds, and an environment-conscious build process

Moksha@Kitulgala was designed with sustainable architecture in mind: a non-intrusive design that minimised the area of land cleared, harmonious with its surrounding environment. ​


Here at Moksha, we recognise the importance of maintaining a circular economy where the use of natural resources is maximised, and waste is minimised. Any trees that were felled during land clearance were reused and incorporated into construction and the creation of on-site furniture.


Endemic tree species such as ‘Nedun’, ‘Kitul’, ‘Kumbuk’, ‘Hora’ and that are endangered due to habitat loss were conserved on-site

These endemic species were planted across the property in efforts to minimize deforestation. Materials used during construction were sourced locally from the Kitulgala area, with efforts on our part to contribute to the economy of a small town that has welcomed us so warmly.


Tastefully designed sculptures represents our story

The "Eagle", one of the birds of prey you can frequently see circling around the skies at Moksha represents freedom and liberation



Farm to table concept

Most fruits, vegetables and spices used in preparing restaurant meals are grown here at Moksha. As our guest, you are most welcome to not only visit our greenhouse but also to participate in our farming efforts. Produce that cannot be harvested from our land is sourced from local farmers, further generating income for the local community.

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