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What stands out at Moksha as per our guest reviews is our food. Our produce such as vegetables and some types of fruit are all grown organically within the property in our greenhouse. We have adopted the farm-to-table concept here, where guests who visit can see what produce is available for that day, discuss with our team of chefs and come up with a customised menu for themselves. The proteins (meat/fish) we cook with are also sourced from local suppliers to ensure that they are fresh. The fish, crabs, and prawns especially that we cook with are taken off the morning catch. These all combine together into hearty, healthy and delicious meals that are hand-crafted for you by our chefs.

  • Produce

    • Our menu depends largely on the produce of the day but guests can hope to experience

  • For breakfast

    • Vege/Fruit juice – Made often from produce on the property, or bought from a local producer.

    • A healthy porridge to start your day

    • Your choice of Sri Lankan or Western Breakfast (Expand)

  • Lunch and Dinner

    • Both are 3-course Western-Asian fusion cuisine


All the finest gems in the world that we find in our mines here in Sri Lanka need a master jeweller to make them into finished jewellery. Likewise, all our finest ingredients require skilled craftsmen to turn them into beautifully presented, delicious meals. We have a team of experienced/ multi-talented chefs at our hotel, with a combined experience of 15 years in the kitchen between them, who have apprenticed under some of the most talented chefs that Sri Lanka has produced. As a result, we are able to delight our customers in their culinary experience at Moksha, serving home-made breads, to Sri Lankan cuisine (made healthily and using modern techniques), to our Western Menu.

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