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Adventure Activities

Kitulgala is the adventure capital of Sri Lanka

Experience the Kitulgala river's sheer power and beauty.

Marvel at the bird life and raft through the breaking waves.

Kelani River in Kitulgala is the ideal location for commercial white water rafting sport i

White Water Rafting

 The rapids and the overall experience leave something for almost everyone; for the little ones, the adrenaline junkies, and for those wanting a more mellow relaxing time. Surround yourself with mountain views, a beautiful river, fun people and lots of laughter!

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Kitulgala is a stunning place to explore and canyon. The area is dominated by impressive waterfalls, water pools and rocks, which make it the ideal place to slide, climb and canyon with one of our licensed guides.

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Waterfall Abseiling

Imagine descending down a roaring waterfall with a breathtaking view of the falls and its surroundings. Experience this extreme adventure as you descend 105 ft down feeling the water around you. Feel free and let your confidence flow while you ride the fall. An experience you will not forget!

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